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Symmetric Luxury – Sinot Exclusive Yacht Design

Take a tour of this insanely luxurious yacht!

You must’ve dreamed at least once about what it would be like to have your own luxurious boat.

Most people, though, don’t get to live that lavish lifestyle, but it’s still nice to see what’s out there.


According to, if you have never heard of Sinot Exclusive Yacht Design, prepare to be totally enchanted…

This company has just presented one of the best examples of yachts design, entitled Symmetry. It’s an amazing, balanced and symmetrical yacht, 180 meters long, which will be bi-directional ship.

With a design that certainly changes the rules of the game, this yacht is designed from the inside out, with all the functions on the decks, organized around a central space. It has a symmetric shape of the hull, which gives it the ability to have a bi-directional course at sea.

Symmetry Yacht Concept is based on harmony, presenting us with a stunning balance of functionality, beauty, engineering and design. There are six spacious decks, providing sufficient space for 34 guests and 48 crew members – each deck has its specific function and character.


Beach deck has an obvious purpose, with sun loungers and a saltwater pool. Guest deck has a brilliant swimming pool in its midst, which has a glass floor, and there are several spacious VIP rooms, with spacious private balconies and lodges, that will make all feel welcome at this yacht.

Great Hotel deck has several impressive features, such as the spacious spa facilities, dining room, loggia, bar, gardens, a gym and a beautiful outdoor swimming pool. Passengers will certainly enjoy this deck, while the lower deck is a playground for children, which is as impressive as any other element of this yacht.

Master cabin has a private deck, private spa, an office, a library, a sky box and open terrace with sun loungers and armchairs, with Infiniti fountain. As you can imagine, the owners will have the opportunity to enjoy the incredible accommodations.

Joanna Grey