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Peaceful, Luxurious Villa Near New York

Take a look at this wonderful, lavish mansion!

Who wouldn’t love to live in a huge house with an indoor pool, several basketball courts and enough rooms to house a small army?

Yeah, dreaming is nice. Unfortunately, not everyone gets to live that lavish lifestyle. Only a few people are so lucky to enjoy their own football pitch.


No one is stopping us, though, from looking at beautiful homes.

According to, situated near a small lake in New York, this villa made of stone is situated on a massive possession of 87 acres…

It is perfect for those people who want to escape away from the hectic life of the city that never sleeps. It seems like a small palace in the middle of the beautiful natural surroundings, and it is the work of the renowned architect Boris Baranovich. It was built in 2004.

There are six luxury bedrooms and ten bathrooms, a library on two levels, a grandiose party room with cinema and bar, gourmet cuisine and impeccable several formal rooms to welcome guests. Other advantages of this villa are closed basketball court and a wine cellar, while in its exterior tennis court and beautiful pool can be found.


As you can see in these images, each room in this villa has exceptional custom details and finishing touches that make it more beautiful and elegant.

This estate has previously been on sale at a price of 27,500,000 million, and now it can be yours for a price that is lower by as much as ten million dollars. We think that this villa is worth every penny and is a paradise just half an hour from the heart of Manhattan.

Joanna Grey