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Most Luxuriously Tucked in Villa

Take a look at this beautiful piece of architecture!

Who hasn’t dreamed at least once about living in a lavish mansion?

We all have, of course. It’s in out nature to dream.


Who wouldn’t love to live in a huge house with an indoor pool, several basketball courts and enough rooms to house a small army?

Yeah, dreaming is nice. Unfortunately, not everyone gets to live that lavish lifestyle. Only a few people are so lucky to enjoy their own football pitch.

No one is stopping us, though, from looking at beautiful homes.

According to, situated on 80 acres, overlooking the ocean, this house on Saturna Island is one of the most beautiful residences that can be seen in British Columbia.

This luxury home has been designed with the aim to take advantage of a beautiful view which is close to the ocean. Along with beautiful windows, which stretch from floor to ceiling, it also has its own private beach.


This beautiful house covers about 215 square meters. Beautifully decorated, with clean lines and chic design and has the latest equipment. Huge living room simply fascinates with a bunch of windows and high ceilings. Modern kitchen is enriched with oak wood and slabs of quartz. In addition, there are three beautiful bedrooms and two bathrooms.

The main room has a private exit to the porch, and the best view of the ocean. Exterior of the residence is absolutely beautiful. 70 square meters is distributed across the porch, and just over 50 stone take the path around the house.

Price by Sotheby’s in Canada set for this property is $ 4 million.

Joanna Grey