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Meet the Breathtaking Aston Martin Vulcan

Meet the breathtaking Aston Martin Vulcan! This car is a true piece of art.

Everybody has dreamed at least once in their life about driving a luxurious car.


Most people, though, don’t get to live that lavish life, but it’s still nice to see what’s out there.

According to, Aston Martin brand very often surprise us by putting a smile on our face …

They just do that again, when they presented their luxury Vulcan hypercar, who met with the Avro Vulcan bomber.

Last Avro Vulcan model which is capable of flying to retire, but in honor of the unveiling of the new Aston Martin Vulcan it flew over the sky again, before retiring for good. He was driving Martin Withers, and this plane will certainly be remembered for the latest Aston Martin model.

According to the CEO of Aston Martin Company, Dr. Andy Palmer, Avro Vulcan presented himself as the best starting point to explore the most extreme car designs of the company. Just because of that, this was a unique experience and a special moment in the company’s history – aeronautical legend reunited under the open sky, with the future of Aston Martin brand.


In addition to pay homage to the Avro Vulcan bomber, Vulcan Aston Martin looks very bold. He is the perfect competition to the most extreme hypercars of today.

Aston Martin Vulcan was presented at the Geneva Motor Show. It is the only sports car powered by a 7 liter V12 engine located in the chassis of Aluminium magnetic alloy body and carbon fiber. It has 800 horsepower, ceramic brakes, Xtrac six-speed transmission and a weight of 1,350 kg.

It was designed by Marek Rajhman, and will be presented as a limited edition of only 24 pieces. The price of this masterpiece is $ 2.3 million.

Joanna Grey