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Here’s What a 50 Million Dollars Villa Looks Like

Take a look inside this uber expensive, uber stylish Californian villa!

Who hasn’t dreamed at least once about living in a lavish mansion?

We all have, of course. It’s in out nature to dream.


Who wouldn’t love to live in a huge house with an indoor pool, several basketball courts and enough rooms to house a small army?

Yeah, dreaming is nice. Unfortunately, not everyone gets to live that lavish lifestyle. Only a few people are so lucky to enjoy their own football pitch.

No one is stopping us, though, from looking at beautiful homes.

According to, situated in one of the most prestigious areas of California, in the heart of Montecito, this estate is the work of Sorrell Design…

It took five years to construct and design this masterpiece. It acts as a charming palace, outside and inside, and there is no competition.


Named Chateau of River Rock, this villa is hidden from prying eyes, and is located on a property of 7.38 ha, which is decorated with roses, old olive grooves, amazing meadows and Italian cypresses. This is like a hidden paradise in one of the most exclusive parts of sunny California.

Built in 2004, this fairy-like palace is covered with lush greenery, has nine luxury bedrooms and 16 bathrooms, a beautiful swimming pool and a wine cellar and home theater, gym, top notch kitchen and a room for entertainment, while the exterior has a playground with tennis court.

Besides all its luxurious amenities, incredible design and privacy, this beautiful residence offers amazing panoramic views of the ocean and mountains. Now it is up for sale at a cost of 50 million dollars.

Joanna Grey