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Here Is What a $36,000 Home Spa Cabin Can Do

Learn all about this uber expensive home spa cabin!

You’ll probably end up wanting one. I mean, why wouldn’t you? It’s amazing!

And if you have the $36,000 to pay for it, it’s yours!


According to, if you want to visit a spa and pamper yourself the way you like best, you must follow a certain procedure …

You need to call a spa, reserve your appointment, mark the date on the calendar and then go to your treatment. Some say it’s sweet torment, you have to pass a few hours of peace, enjoyment and relaxation at the spa.

But, if you are aggressive world traveler or an employed person, it is difficult to have time for such things, especially for the extravagant spa treatments. You then need a home spa cabin. It will cost you very much, but those who have tried it say it’s worth every penny.

The Italian company Lemi Group has launched a new version of phenomenal Aemotio Spa, with interesting new benefits, and raised the price by several thousand dollars. This advanced multifunctional spa cabin will cost 35,606 dollars.


It is equipped with numerous multifunctional spa treatments, such as anti-cellulite treatments, drainage, treatments for toning and weight loss, relaxation, massages and facials. Two of her unique amenities include a Vichy shower and chromotherapy.

The system has six shower heads that discharge water temperature of your choice. Seven different colors are available for this room, and you can choose depending on your mood and treatments that you are considering.

Joanna Grey