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Embark on the Queen Mary 2

Take a tour of this beautiful, luxurious cruise ship!

Going on a cruise must be nice.

I think being so far away from the chaos of everyday life would be a wonderful and interesting experience.


According to, this veteran ship exists and functions for 176 years, but its recent refurbishment as a result presented a number of welcome improvements, from the introduction of modern interior design to cabin re-decorations, as well as improvement of the Queens Grill and Princess Grill suites.

Now, there are 30 Britannia Club cabins, 15 Britannia single cabins and five Britannia interior cabins, which were added to the ship, while the winter garden was transformed into Carinthia Lodge.

King’s Court or the buffet, got a new layout form and represents an interesting addition to the list of restaurants that are on this ship. For your pets, this ship now has 10 additional kennels with Liverpool lanterns and New York hydrants.

Over one million working hours was invested in this dramatic venture, over a period of only twenty-five days. With new gastronomic experiences, wine cellar, boutiques and myriad of other magical experiences, Queen Mary 2 offers its passengers luxury cruise of their lives.


“Significant investments in our famous ship Queen Mary 2 is an indication of our commitment to our guests and a special place this boat takes,” said Richard Meadows, Cunard president. “Since its spectacular debut in 2004, to the current redesign, Queen Mary 2 all the time charms the people who see it and leads them to fantasize about a trip around the world,” he added.

Debut of the redesigned luxury boat trip will start from Southampton, and will take it all the way to New York. We believe that the lucky ones who will be able to be part of this first journey will experience the adventure of your dreams!

Joanna Grey