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Celebrity Homes with Luxurious Pools

Let’s be honest for a second, we would all love to live in a modern, huge mansion with luxurious pools and gyms.

Unfortunately, most people don’t get to live that way.

Until you make you millions, take a look at the best pools owned by celebrities!


Ludacris’ villa in the Hollywood Hills

The rapper-actor bought this spectacular mansion and moved into it from his penthouse that was sold in 2013. His chic modern villa is located in the Hollywood Hills, and has spectacular balconies with panoramic views of Los Angeles.

Each luxury convenience that comes to mind is part of the villa – a spacious home theater, wine cellar, room service, and of course the space with stunning Infiniti pool. We can only imagine what a pleasure it is to sip champagne in the pool while watching the sunset.

Glen Anton’s villa in the Hollywood Hills

Bird Streets in the Hollywood Hills is one of the most desirable streets in Los Angeles. Probably that’s why coach of LA Clippers chose this place as his place of residence. His villa was built in 1961, has one floor and four bedrooms, and reflects the simplicity of style with modern elements.


Personalized gourmet kitchen is adorned with improved plan space that is ideal for organizing parties. However, its exterior is what is most spectacular. There is Infiniti pool and spa section, with views of the city and ocean.

Sofia Vergara’s villa in Beverly Hills

This beautiful brunette had purchased her new mansion in Beverly Hills, which has Italian style. She lives here with her fiancé Joe Manganiello.

Her place has all the luxurious amenities – gourmet kitchen, wine cellar, gym, sauna and of course impeccable garden with swimming pool, spa section and a beautiful garden. Their courtyard is amazing and incredible for the parties and social gathering, and this couple enjoys throwing them.

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