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Crazy moments on the street of LA. Road rage went to level 9000 in just a couple of minutes with the driver running off eventually, but the police caught up with him

On the busy streets of LA are plenty of crazy things happened. In Huntington Park, a district south east of Los Angeles, a crazed driver started ramming his car in the one in front of him.


With plenty of people filming and screaming, the driver just wanted to go in a full “Hulk Smash” mode as he ran off the scene eventually. The police came in and arrested the guy later on, not after he rammed five more parked cars in the area.

The demolition derby scene is not something that people are used to these days, but the enraged driver surely will need some anger management courses in his time that he will spend in prison. Still waiting for an official statement, people will need only to be kept safe from someone that is for sure a public menace.




The driver hit the side of the two cars in front of him as he left, causing a hubcap to fall off

The driver was eventually apprehended, after running into five parked cars, KABC reported.

Authorities told the outlet that by the time they arrived on the scene, the man’s car had caught fire and was inoperable.

The suspect was hospitalized for injuries sustained in the incident but was booked into jail after he was released. He is likely to face multiple felony charges. His name has not been released.

The driver in the white car also sustained minor injuries.





George Smith