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What is wrong with math class, according to Elon Musk

Many kids despise even the thought of having to go through math class. Surprisingly, Elon Musk sympathizes with them, as CNN reports.

Speaking at the ISSR&D Conference in Washington D.C., the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX tackled the subject of the education system. He explained that he believes that schools are not doing their best to help kids grasp why they are learning a specific subject. “You just sort of get dumped into math. Why are you learning that? It seems like, ‘Why am I being asked to do these strange problems?'” Elon Musk said. “Our brain has evolved to discard information that it thinks has irrelevance.”

Musk’s suggestion for students was learning to be focused on solving a specific problem, such as building a satellite or taking apart an engine. This way, students will encounter and master subjects like math and physics on the path to solving the problem. “If you had a class on wrenches, ugh, why?” Musk said. “Trying to solve a problem is very powerful for establishing relevance, and getting kids excited about what they’re working on and having the knowledge stick.”


Throughout his career, Musk has shown an afinity for learning. After building a fortune with two Internet businesses, including PayPal, he turned his attention to electric cars and rockets. Despite having little experience in rockets, he built SpaceX nonetheless. SpaceX is now a company that has shaken up the industry with its reusable, low-cost rockets.

Daisy Wilder