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These are your rights if your broadband speed isn’t the one you signed up for

We cannot imagine our lives without the Internet anymore, and nowadays, with a world that is ever-hungry for speed and connectivity, a good broadband speed is even more important. But what should you do if your broadband speed isn’t the one that you signed up for?

If your broadband speed is lower than the one that you signed up for, you should start by doing a speed test. There are plenty of free apps that will allow you to check the actual speed of your connection. It is advised to take a screenshot each time that you check.

Afterwards, ask your provider for options. Speak about the possibility of getting something to boost the speed or get a reduction in your payments. If you are lucky enough, they may even have a fix.


If you want to make a complaint, there are various options that can help you do such a thing, but setting out your argument in simple terms is definitely something that pays.

Finally, if you decide to get out of the contract, you should provide proof of the rather poor service, as well as the efforts that you made in order to solve the situation.

Lydia Peirce