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Google partners with Lyft for testing autonomous cars

American giant Google announced a partnership with transport service Lyft for testing autonomous cars, with this being the latest alliance in the field, according to The Next Web.

The deal was inked between Waymo,  the intelligent car division from Alphabet, the holding that owns Google, and Lyft, yet the latter says that the deal is not exclusive.

Lyft already has a partner in the field, auto producer General Motors, which is also an investor at Lyft. General Motors and Lyft are planning to bring, starting with 2018, several thousand cars featuring autonomous technology.


The common point between the Google and Lyft partnership is another one, though: both have Uber as a common rival. Google is suing Uber, accusing it of stealing technology, while Lyft is competing against Uber in the USA.

Nevertheless, Lyft is evaluated by investors at $7,5bn, while Uber has an evaluation of $68bn. This sum is even larger than the capitalization of General Motors or Honda and comes in the context in which Uber reported $2,8bn in adjusted net losses in 2016, with a revenue of $6,5bn.

Daniel Higgson