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China is planning the launch of a national plan regarding artificial intelligence

China is going to launch a series of projects in artificial intelligence and will increase the efforts of maintaining the qualified personnel as part of a national plan in the world of artificial intelligence, according to Reuters, which sites China Daily.

The Asian country will focus on artificial intelligence as a way of increasing productivity and provide more freedom to employees.

The plan will include the allotting of resources in human development, increase the use of artificial intelligence in education, health and security among others, declared Wan Gang, the Ministry of Science and Technology in China during a conference in Tianjin.


The announcement will be made public soon.

Moreover, China will encourage international companies to open research centres in China.

China already has a national plan for semiconductors, with the Asian country entering a conflict against American producers, which accuse that massive Chinese investments will lead to the market collapsing.

On the other hand, several Chinese technology companies are already undergoing research in the world of artificial intelligence, robotics or autonomous cars.

The Chinese ”dragons” are expanding in Silicon Valley

Baidu, know as ”China’s Google”, will announce a project regarding manufacturing autonomous cars alongside group Cherry Automobile and already has a team of over 200 employees in Silicon Valley researching new technologies. Baidu is also an investor at Uber.

Holding LeEco owns in the USA electric car producer Faraday Future, while Didi Chuxing, “China’s Uber”, investing in Lyft and has Uber as a stakeholder.

Tencent, “China’s Facebook”, already has shares at Tesla, as well as investments in several companies of artificial intelligence.


Furthermore, Alibaba, “China’s Amazon”, also invested in Lyft, while Tencent invested in Nio, an electric car producer in China. Richard Niu, founder at, the second largest online retailer in the country, is also an investor at Nio, with the latter also having a partnership with Nvidia.

Finally, Chinese auto producer Shanghai Auto investor in several American technology companies.

Daniel Higgson