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Honda stops production in Japan factory after WannaCry cyber attack

Honda representatives were forced to halt production for a day at a plant near Tokyo after discovering the WannaCry ransomware had attacked and shut down a number of older production line computers.

Due to this security breach, 1,000 units were not produced at the Sayama plant, according to the company’s spokesperson.

Honda also discovered that WannaCry infected a number of networks across Japan, Europe, North America and China, but no other plants were affected, according to Forbes.


This is not the first time a company in the auto industry is targeted by cyber attacks. Just last month Nissan and Renault had to temporarily halt production in plants located in Japan, UK, India, France, and Romania.

60 million infection attempts from this type of ransomware were registered only in the past month, according to cyber security company Kryptos Logic.

Amelia Deveraux