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How to grow your brand using Instagram captions

Instagram is currently one of the most popular social media apps worldwide, surpassing 700 million monthly users and thus being ahead of many rival social networks, including Twitter. Since the platform is expanding into the paid social space, Instagram has become a vital tool for brands to use in order to become successful. But how exactly can you use Instagram so as to grow your brand?

With 60% of Instagram users doing research on brands and companies on the platform, it is critical to understand the way Instagram captions work and how users can be attracted using them. Moreover, the engagement of brand posts on Instagram typically reaches 4%, compared to the less than 0,1% on Facebook and Twitter.

In order to make the best of this, you should first cultivate a voice for your captions and write in a consistent voice in your posts. This will both develop your brand’s personality and give users something to expect when following an account, and will over time cultivate the unique tone that will differentiate you from your competition.


You should also pay attention to the first 3-4 lines of your captions, as the Instagram algorithm cuts off the text after them and displays the option “more” for those that are interested. Put the most captivating and interesting information right at the very beginning and leave details and hashtags towards the end. As a general fact, social media posts have generally been found to receive 86% higher traffic when they had under 40 characters.

No method is better for engaging your Instagram audience than inviting them to respond and react to you content. You can increase the activity on your posts by simply asking questions that are relevant to your audience, inviting users to tag their friends or perhaps even inviting people to enter a contest.

Finally, try and be strategic about your Instagram goals. A good strategy is key for success, so try and set goals for the type of content that you want to publish, write our your posts in advance so that you have time to polish the captions (you can also use tools such Captiona and Hemmingway to help you out) and pick a good time for the posts.

Lydia Peirce