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The future of Blockchain security in the Quantum age


The Russian Quantum Centre has been developing methods of security that could preempt the potential for security hacks by quantum computers.

Blockchain is surely to feature more frequently in our future lives, but with the potential birth of the first quantum computer, how resilient will this security be to protect cryptocurrencies?

At the moment Blockchains use a form of encryption which means that the unique identifiers associate with each form of currency are virtually impossible to hack.


However a recent article by has advised that research carried out at the Russian Quantum Centre is aimed at providing a ‘quantum lock’ that would prevent a hack from a quantum computer.

The technology which has been identified by the Russian Quantum Centre, would rely on the properties associated with sub atomic particles such as photons.

Consequently any attempts to hack the system would destroy the particle that held the information.

As a result the ‘quantum lock’ would be literally impossible to hack, even with the unimaginable processing powers that would be brought into being with quantum computing.

 Mark Scott