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Hoaxers steal £240,000 from a Bury hospice pretending to be a bank


Sophisticated hoaxers believed to have targeted a Bury hospice engaging them in an online computer virus check and conned them out of almost £240,000.

A hospice in Bury, UK that caters for terminally ill people, was targeted on, Tuesday, July 11. Red flags were raised when workers noticed that money had disappeared from the accounts.

Almost £240,000 had been pilfered after frauds contacted the hospice professing to be a bank.


The hospice were asked to engage in an online computer virus check and because of this personal data was taken.

The monies taken were donated through charity and voluntary contributions. The charity has the support of the Charity Commission and National Fraud investigators.

Prof Eileen Fairhust the Bury hospice chair person is said to be shocked and disgusted as to why the frauds would want to target such a charitable organisation. She stated “It is beneath contempt when you think how this money was raised by hard working volunteers and kind benefactors.

There is a full investigation now being carried out and investigators are keeping in close contact with the bank.

The police Charity commission has said there will not be an immediate impact on Bury hospice and an exemplary service will still continue to run for a community that is in need of such a facility.

All effort is being made to restore the £235,000 that was been stolen.



Natasha John-Baptiste