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Game review series: “Nancy Drew: Sea of Darkness”


Come to explore Iceland in a way that you never experienced before and join Nancy on this adventure that has so many secrets and mysteries. I am going to give a brief review based on my thoughts about this game.

Nancy Drew received the letter from Iceland that there was a terrible crash near the Harbor of Skipbrot, the small town in Iceland. She was told to find the most important history of all time and it was the treasure. The treasure is the heart of Skipbrot’s History and he has to go figure out the clues of the treasure or it will go into the wrong hands.

Playing the game, it was an interesting story plot that mainly involves Nancy saving history, and game itself was like Iceland encyclopedia that there are some interesting facts about Iceland. There were facts based on culture, language and environment. However, there are some puzzles that can be difficult for some players that do not have the patience.


In my overall review of the game I will give it 4 stars because there was a story, facts about Iceland that are accurate, and the art of the game that looks majestic. The only negative side is that puzzles can be extremely difficult and definitely involves critical thinking. Therefore, I would recommend this game to anyone that loves critical thinking games. You can get this game from Her Interactive website,, Amazon, Google Play Store and Apple Store.

On side note, there will be a new game that Her Interactive will release soon, and it is called “Nancy Drew: Midnight at Salem”. They have not yet set the release date of the game, but they have notified fans that they are still working on the game and perfecting every detail of the game that the fans will enjoy.

Catalina Barriga