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AMD RX Vega 64 price to performance ratio


AMD’s new Vega 64 air cooled graphics card has many features that make it unique. The graphics card has a road-map and will be able to offer certain features immediately.

AMD Vega 64 is out and has them available to buy. Unfortunately, the price is higher than expected, unless you were savvy enough to buy them as a “Radeon Pack” bundle from AMD. The cost of the air cooled Vega 64 is sitting at £599.99, with the liquid variant at around £699.98. The additional cost is compounded by what appears to be short supply and higher pre-orders than expected.

It’s good to see AIB (Add in Board) partners making their own custom variants although the performance specs as expected are exactly the same as the reference models. What will make the AIB models more of a better proposition to potential buyers is what they can offer in terms of noise reduction and additional features. These features may just be purely aesthetic with the incorporation of RGB lighting all the way to additional pins for GPU fan controls. Some of the AIB partners include Gigabyte, MSI and Power Color.


One of the key features included with all cards is Radeon Chill which allows the graphics card to slow down and save power buy improving what it decides to push through on a to a display this includes lowering temperatures, lowering frame-time to display and better power efficiency. Unfortunately, the success of the launch of these cards will be determined by the uptake of these new Vega features. Radeon Chill sounds great on paper, but only supports DirectX 9, 10 and 11 API’s, which doesn’t include DirectX 12 yet. The only games supported at the moment are currently white-listed by AMD, although they say they are looking to add more in the future.

If you are able to get a Vega 64 card, you should consider yourself lucky, as short supply and increased prices are forcing this card into a grey area of preference over what NVidia has to offer. Price to performance was the key measure of these new Vega cards in the eyes of most commentators, but the price appears to be going up and the performance staying relatively nominal.

A Rokib