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AMD keeps bundling on and on


AMD is now bundling games with any prebuilt systems that are bought that include the new line of Ryzen CPUs or graphics cards.

Indie game developers are now benefiting from Ryzen. High quality hand selected games from a range of developers are added as freebies to prebuilt systems.

AMD is clearly pushing hard and it shows. This could either mean that they are worried about future sales or they want to make sure that this is their comeback year. With tensions high between AMD and NVidia, AMD clearly isn’t going to pull any punches. With hardware and extra software deals from AMD, they may be able to reach the customers they want to. The focus on PC gaming is definitely at an all-time high and it’s now cool to support indie games.


The games can be found at AMD promo guide.

Tokyo Dark is the stand out indie title that’s available with prebuilt systems. What makes this indie title so interesting is that it was part of the Square Enix Collective. The SEQ is an initiative started as early as 2013 that subsequently helped provide a support service for small games in development.

AMD has previously packaged games with their hardware but what makes this slightly more interesting is that AMD feel the need to do this with Vega. The new hardware should be able to sell itself. It definitely won’t cause any harm to offer gaming centric products however it does raise the issue of why the new Vega line-up needs any help at all. Many critics were concerned with the notable focus on Threadripper as appose to the Vega graphics cards. With the imminent mass launch of Vega and reviews coming hot on the heels of this release, AMD will definitely need all the positive news that they can get.


A Rokib