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Hackers can steal Hyundai cars with an app


Scientists discovered a series of weaknesses in Hyundai apps, and these allow hackers to start the cars from a distance and steal them, according to Reuters.

The app is called Blue Link and can be installed on smartphones by the owners of newly bought Hyundai cars. They afterwards connects the apps to the cars’ systems.

Its functions include starting the car, air conditioning, music or navigation system from a system.


Hyundai introduced in a December update a weakness that makes it possible for thieves to unlock and start the respective car, according to cybersecurity company Rapid7 Inc.

Both the company and Hyundai claimed there is no evidence that the weakness was used for thefts.

This is not the first problem of this kind that new technologies and Internet-connected cars generate. In 2015, Fiat Chrysler recalled 1,4 million vehicles after scientists demonstrated they can take over the control of the Jeep models.

General Motors also needed to repair in 2015 a similar bug in its OnStar dashboard system. It also allowed hackers to break in the cars.

John Michaelle