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Which city has the most gadgets connected at home. The answer may surprise you


A recent report released by San Francisco-based WiFi company eero, regarding the spread of home WiFi systems across America, shows that Silicon Valley doesn’t have the most “connected” homes.

The data collected by eero from ten major U.S. cities, including New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and the Bay Area, to determine where homes are using the most of its devices found that Atlanta had more connected devices – such as laptops, smartphones, internet-connected TVs, entertainment consoles, thermostats and security systems – than any of those cities, with an average of 9.17 devices per network, or household.

Homes connected across America

“Connected device patterns show that Atlanta homes are nearly 16 percent more device-heavy than Dallas homes. Atlanta also beats out traditional tech hubs Seattle and the Bay Area in the number of connected devices per network, averaging more than nine devices per household,” the company says.


With an average of 8.67 devices per network, Seattle came on the second place, followed closely by Denver and San Diego, and the Bay Area, which came in fourth place.


The number of connected devices

“Dallas tops the list of cities with the largest WiFi networks, with 81 percent of homes having three or more eeros. In last place is the Bay Area, known for its old buildings and single-floor flats, with 72 percent.”

Eero’s study also revealed that some cities are more musically-inclined but also how families are using technology together.

“Sonos speakers are among the most popular devices connected to eero networks. The Bay Area, New York City, and Denver top the list of the most musically-inclined cities,” the report notes.

Households using family profiles

As for the way how families use technology, data shows that “parents in Austin, Seattle, and Atlanta are ahead of the game when it comes to monitoring screen time, while parents in Los Angeles and New York City are about 38 percent less inclined to regulate their children’s internet usage”.

John Michaelle