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The Bloodworm Is the Stuff of Nightmares According to This Freaky Video


According to science, you’re looking at the real deal here. This is — the bloodworm at its best.

We’re apparently never going to be bored with nature and some of the freakish nightmares existing in the oddest spots of our world. Ever since the likes of the Crocodile Hunter and other such adventurers. This man by the name of Coyote, though, truly takes the cake. And you have to see his videos to believe them.




Most Notably, He Recently Learned How to Hunt for “Bloodworms”


Yes, you heard correctly: bloodworms. And they do look as horrific as they sound. You can find the video right here. Watch it at your own risk, because it may make you sick….


The thing about the bloodworm is that often it’s captured for one purpose: fishing! Who knew, right? Once you learn, though, of just what the bloodworm actually is capable of, we’re pretty sure you’d rather stick to the common earthworms you’re used to in your backyard.


Still, even aquarists take advantage of store-bought bloodworms, either freeze-dried, frozen, or live, to feed their fish at home. The fact is just about every species will gladly munch on bloodworms without a thought, and this is especially a good thing if your scaly friends don’t rock the pellets or flakes like the common goldfish would.



You can either go hunting for bloodworms, or you can raise them. You can buy them at a pet store. And truthfully you can get them while they’re still small, allowing for yummy snacks for the smaller fish you have versus the bigger beasts you might have in a lake or pond.


Without a doubt, the bloodworm is a hot commodity in the fishing community. But better learn how to go hunting for bloodworms, first…. It’s a bit of an acquired skill.



In General, Though, Bloodworms Are Extremely HARMLESS


However, you just might see Coyote Peterson here bite the big one with this bloodworm. Care to find out if Coyote here ends up getting stung or bitten? Guess you’ll have to watch the video to find out!