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Advertising technique is now supported by science


Advertisers can leave you with a positive feeling for a product by using the shape of a clock.

German researchers have found that watch commercials that set their clocks to 10:10 are more likely to leave both men and women with positive feelings about the product, especially women.

The study underwent two different experiments. The first experiment had participants look at images of watches and asked respondents two questions: “What do you feel, when you look at this watch?” and “How likely is it that you would buy this watch?” The images of watches were in three positions: 10:10, 8:20 and 11:30.


The second experiment had participants look at the same images of the watches, sided with an image of a happy or sad face. They then asked the participants how close did the watches resembled the images from a scale of 1 to 10.

The results of the experiment found that the watch closely resembling a happy face had more emotional impact than the watch resembling a sad face. The researchers claimed that the participants who were women slightly more affected. Nevertheless, no participant found that they would be more willing to buy one watch over the other.

The research can give possible new insight towards better advertising and marketing strategies for other companies to build rapport. It can also affect designs for products since simple lines and simple shapes can project emotions to people. The paper also claims that this idea supports the fact that women are easily able to identify emotions and empathize with them. Further studies with brain neuroimaging are still pending.

Sean Yazdani