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Good students go on to become good workers


An investment in helping a child to become a good student can go a long way towards helping that child to be a good employee later in life.

It has been reported by the University of Washington that a child can develop study and executive function skills for later in life from reading and writing at home. Kids who learn to do well on tests are also learning skills that can help them with lifetime success.

Nicole Alston-Abel, who is a Federal Way Public Schools psychologist who did this study, has said that good students generally go on to become good employees. These students are generally on time for work and work well. Overall the same characteristics that make someone a good student also make them a good employee.


It has been suggested by Alston-Abel that if parents help their children to become involved with academics at home in their early grade school years they will know how to do well in school thereafter. It is important to have a parent involved as a role model to help a child develop the skills and habits which are needed to be successful in life.

As Alston-Abel has pointed out success academically can be significantly influenced by the interactions of teachers, parents and students. By working with students to help them become good students you are helping to nurture positive habits which will last to help that child become a success at work later in life.

This study has been published in the Journal of Educational and Psychological Consultation. Parents can help their kids become a success later in life by working with them to learn to do well in grade school. It is certainly worth the time to help young students develop good skills which will help them do well with academics and work throughout a lifetime.

Dr Harold Mandel