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Famous inventors and their inventions


Throughout history, there have been many scientists and inventors who have brought to light new aspects related to their fields of work. Scientific inventions can be found from ancient civilizations to the present day.

There are some great inventors who contributed very much to the evolution of the world through their inventions and now we can not imagine our life without these inventions. Here are some of the inventors you should know about:

1. Al-Jazari was an Arab Muslim scholar. He lived during the Islamic golden age. He invented “Robotics”, “Elephant clock”, “Sand Casting”, “Lamination”, “Paper Model” and “Flush Toilet”.


2. Alexander Fleming was a Scottish bacteriologist. He discovered “Penicillin” and revolutionized modern medicine. Penicillin is an antibiotic which is used to treat different infections.

3. Alexander Graham Bell was a Scottish inventor. He is well-known for inventing the world’s first practical “telephone” to communicate with the individuals who are far away from us.

4. Joseph Priestley was an English theologian and philosopher. He is widely famous for inventing “carbonated water”. In addition, priestly discovered 10 new gases including nitric oxide, nitrogen dioxide, nitrous oxide, hydrogen chloride, ammonia, sulfur dioxide, silicon tetrafluoride, nitrogen, oxygen, and carbon monoxide.

5. Charles Francis Jenkins was an American inventor of the 20th century. He invented “television” and “movie projector”. He is widely credited for the invention of mechanical television and an early pioneer in the field of motion pictures and cinema.


Eiman Malik