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What are the top countries in which English speaking tourists will feel quite at home

A holiday in a country with a language that you do not understand could be uncomfortable, especially if you do not hire a guide but still need direction to get around and visit famous attractions. But English speaking tourists are in luck since there are several countries that are proficient in foreign languages and with over half of the population speaking English, they could feel quite at home.

Being a tourist in a country with a language that you do not understand could be challenging, especially if you want to go on exploring the cities and its attractions on your own. But for English speaking travelers, the Education First English Proficiency Index has only good news as lots of states have a very high knowledge of foreign languages, and English is among the favorite.

A Northern Expedition

When it comes to the most proficient in English states, the countries in Northern Europe are among the firsts. The ranking shows that in all the Scandinavian countries have a high English proficiency with over half of the population being familiar with the language.

Windmill country

Ranking proficiency in English 1

When it comes to English proficiency, the Netherlands has been ranked first and the country has always had some of the highest ratings when it comes to learning the English language. Holland received a score of 72.16 while the European average is at 53.49. Rich in history, the home of Van Gogh has a lot to offer different types of tourists.

The natural landscape and the country’s environment friendly policies makes it attractive for those that would love an outdoor adventure while the cultural rich heritage will surely attract history buffs and art lovers the world over. Holland’s cities offer unique perspectives and the small pittoresque cities and their canal systems will make for incredible memories. Windmills are a common sight and travelers can buy the famous wooden shoes souvenirs.

And who can forget the fields of tulips which can be visited during cycling tours and Amsterdam even has a museum dedicated entirely to this symbolic flower.

A country of happiness

Ranking proficiency in English 1

Denmark is ranked second when it comes to English proficiency and the country has been ranked first on the Happiness Index. With over 8,700km of beaches and hundreds of accessible holiday islands to hop between, with world class museums and rich in stunning castles, Denmark is a vacation-lover’s paradise.

You can take a cycling tour around the cities, visit the UNESCO Heritage sites and dive deeper into the local culture which can only be described as offering a particular sens of coziness and well-being.

Admiring the great outdoors

Ranking proficiency in English 1

Sweden is third when it comes to English proficiency. The Scandinavian country is a specially welcoming environment for nature lovers. It’s public access policy lets you roam freely and camp overnight even in private areas, collecting mushrooms and wild berries. It’s a country that has built upon its reputation of being wholesome and healthy.

And while those looking for historic sites are sure to marvel into the amazing artefacts of the Swedish fleet and the amazing palaces, those that want a more adventurous stay can try a trip up north into the Lapland, admiring the foaming rivers, never-ending beaches, giant lakes and high alpine peaks.

Much more than fijords

Ranking proficiency in English 1

Neighbouring Norway was ranked fourth and leisure visitors are sure to get their money’s worth if they decide to spend their holiday in the land of the fijords. But Norway is much more than the ideal place for nature watching and experiencing the Northern Lights. Norway’s rich history dates back some 11,000 years ago and since then, the country has become synonymous with the vikings.

And while tourists are invited to explore the different aspects of the viking way of life they can also learn more about the Sami, as they are the indigenous people of Norway, known for their colourful clothes and huge herds of reindeer. Wildlife enthusiasts will surely be spoiled by their trip to Norway especially if they end up traveling to Svalbard, in search of polar bears.

Relaxing experience

Ranking proficiency in English 1
source: 123rf

Finland is fifth in the English Proficiency ranking and the country has been seeing an increase in tourism activity with travelers in search of relaxing and inspiring experiences. Finland has not only unique landscapes but has built up a reputation for offering remarkable spa and wellness services, coupled with cottage-style accommodations which make tourists feel at home.

Actually, the cottage has become an institution of its own in Finland and even the locals flock to the countryside for an all-relaxing weekend. And while some might be discouraged by the cold and darkness, the Arctic winters have their counterpart in one of the most iconic of Finnish natural phenomena, the Midnight Sun.

Top ten countries proficient in English

European countries have the upper hand when it comes to English proficiency and most of them rank high. In the top then states with a very good knowledge of English only one is not European, Singapore, which ranked sixth, immediately after the Nordic countries. Luxembourg, Austria, Germany and Poland are the next in line.

Top ranking

  1. The Netherlands
  2. Denmark
  3. Sweden
  4. Norway
  5. Finland
  6. Singapore
  7. Luxembourg
  8. Austria
  9. Germany
  10. Poland

When it comes to the least proficient in English, the ranking places Iraq last, preceded by Libya and Laos.

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