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Want to visit Wonder Woman’s mythological home?


Discover the scenic coast where Wonder Woman threw her first punch

The Wonder Woman craze has swept the world, and for good reason too. She is an empowering symbol of femininity that will hopefully have a long-lasting effect of positive change on present and future generations of men and women.

It’s no wonder that people everywhere want to know more about the origins of this superhero goddess, especially after viewing the action-packed, tear-jerking film. And the best way to learn more about any person – or fictional character – is to explore the place of their hometown.


The Princess of Themyscira’s mythological roots can be traced back to the Black Sea Region in modern day Turkey. According to Route to Unknown Road, a travel source, “Amazon warriors came from Turkey!”

“The Samsun province [a major Black Sea port] in northern Turkey considers itself to be the home of the Amazons,” and “the city government has created Amazon Island, a well-manicured and theme park-esque shrine to the female warrior” (Route to Unknown Road).

Ancient historians, such as Herodotus of Halicarnassus and Strabo, were the ones who originally claimed that the mythological roots of the Amazons can be traced to Northern Turkey, specifically at the central Black Sea Coast of Anatolia. On Turkey’s Black Sea Coast, fans can journey through multiple areas where local mythology suggests the Amazons lived, including the port of Sinop, and the cities of Ephesus and Izmir.

Aside from the touristy theme park, why should fans visit the Black Sea region?

Turkey’s Black Sea region, the home of the Amazons, has an endless array of scenic wonders to explore. Along the coast, fans will encounter lush national parks, refreshing waterfalls, alpine villages, World Heritage sites and a fascinating culture and cuisine. This is the place to be for experienced and avid trekkers, climbers, mountaineers and horsewomen.

Why should fans make a trip to Turkey a priority?

Wonder Woman is an inspiration and has empowered viewers to harness and release their inner strength. Every time Wonder Woman conquered her opposition when the odds were exponentially against her serves as another reminder that we have the power within us to defeat our daily struggles.


For those who need to immerse themselves in such feelings of empowerment, a trip to Turkey, home of the Amazons, along the Black Sea Coast may lead fans to discover further truths about themselves.

Monica Sanchez