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London Duck tours no more


It was seen on the River Thames for years on end. The London Duck Tour was just one of the many boats to cross on the famous River Thames and was seen and rode by countless people. Unfortunately, this will no longer be the case, as the London Duck Tours will end their service mid September.

Boats on the River Thames are no strange thing to anyone in London, or even tourists. Many have captivated people by showcasing the beauty of London on the world famous River Thames. One service, the London Duck Tours has been serving this purpose for years to many tourists and locals. However, on September 17th this will no longer be the case, and will have it’s last run as it struggled to find an alternate docking site for it’s boats.

What has made the London Duck Tours a unique experience for many people is it’s hybrid bus to boat feature. Not only where they on the water, but they were also on land, making it’s way around the iconic streets of London and through the red double decker buses. Roughly two million passengers rode the London Duck in all of it’s years running.


The London Duck dates back to World War II. Although the company itself did not exist, the concept was very well developed by this time. It was during this time that the amphibious vehicle was invented and showed to the world. The actual London Duck company has operated since 2002.

Sadly this service will come to an end mid September. The reason due to a Super Sewer Scheme that will cost an estimated £4.2 billion. Due to this, London Duck Tours could not find an alternate docking site in the middle of London, forcing the company to shut down after 15 years of service. The yellow boats/buses will surely be missed throughout the city.

It is unclear whether or not there will continue to be a search for an alternative spot, but for now however Londoners and tourists can only hope it will find a suitable location. This comes right after the news of Big Ben’s renovations that will turn it’s famous chimes off for four years.

Stephanie Valenzuela