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Pakistani street food you need to try


Pakistan offers a variety of food, yet it’s street food is something you cannot miss. From the spicy shawarma to the sweet paan, everything is a must try!

Tourists have plenty to try in Pakistan, especially it’s street food. Here a few you should put your hands on!

1.Gol Gappay/Pani Puri:

Gol Gappay/Pani Puri can be found everywhere in Pakistan. The round crispy puri is filled with a mix of onions, tomatoes, chickpeas, potatoes, spices, yogurt, tamarind sauce, and flavoured water.


2.Bun Kebab:

Bun Kebab is a common street food in Pakistan. The bun is filled with kebab fried with eggs, served with spicy sauces and salad.

3.Dahi Bhalla:

Dahi bhalla is a savoury Pakistani street food, which is perfect for spice lovers. This yogurt dish, is a mix of chickpeas, bolied potatoes, spices; which is served with yogurt, tamarind sauce and a croquet.


The spicy madness is made of shavings of grilled meat(usually chicken) wrapped in pitta bread. It is topped with salad and mayonnaise.


It is also a savoury fried dish with a filling of spiced potatoes, onions. They can also be filled with chicken or vegetables.


Pakora is a fried snack, which can be translated as fritters. Potatoes, onions, green chillies etc are dipped in spicy flour mixture and fried. Vegetables like okra and eggplant are also used.

7.Grilled Corn:

Grilled corn is a commonly found street food. The grilled corn may be eaten right away or garnished with lime juice and spices, to make it tangy and spicy.

8.Chana Chaat:

This chickpea dish is another spicy Pakistani street food. The boiled chickpeas are mixed with chopped tomatoes, onions, green chillies, and boiled potatoes. Lemon juice and spices are added to the mix.



Apart from all the savoury, Pakistani street food has some sweet dishes to offer as well.


Kulfi is a frozen dairy dessert which is also known as Pakistan’s traditional ice-cream


Falooda is a Pakistan dessert, which is made from mixing rose syrup, sweet basil, and milk. It is usally served with ice-cream.

Anushe Noor Faheem