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Interval International, the network with 3,000 luxury resorts, from 80 countries, and more than 2 million members, entered the Romanian market

Interval International, one of the biggest providers the facilitates the exchange of holiday destinations between timeshare properties or periodic properties owners, is now present on the Romanian market. The entire network includes over 2,900 resorts from over 80 countries, and timeshare or periodic property owners can get holidays in all types of destinations, including the exotic or exclusive ones.

Some examples of holidays that can be chosen by Romanians who have purchased timeshare or periodic property are Singapore, Florida, Disneyland Paris, Turkey, Switzerland and Austria skiing, but also Hawaii, Great Britain, Tenerife, Brazil, New York, Greece or Spain. Interval International Network has over 2,000,000 active members enrolled in various timeshare or periodic property exchange programs. The company is headquartered in Miami, Florida, USA, and is one of the pioneers and innovators, known in the timeshare exchange market since 1976. The owners in each country have access to call-center services in the language of their country of origin , so they can communicate directly with the Interval International network, to choose their desired holiday destinations.

Interval International entered the Romanian market by signing the partnership agreement, on June 15’th 2017, with Blaxy Premium Resort, on the Romanian seaside. Blaxy Premium Resort has been selected and became an official member of Interval International, so that the world’s gates open to all who want to buy a periodic property in this resort that has brought a unique concept to Romania, on the Black Sea coast. Since the construction was finished and the opening of Blaxy Premium Resort, situated between 23 August and Olimp, Interval International representatives have checked, for three years, the functionality of the resort and the services offered to the customers, until they invited Blaxy Premium Resort to become part of the network. Thus, they offer the guarantee for the services at international standards, provided by Blaxy Premium Resort.


The difference between timeshare and periodic ownership is given by the fact that the timeshare system purchases the holiday entitlement for a certain period, while the periodic property is bought in accordance with the Romanian property law. “At Blaxy, the minimum price of a package, which means a room, becoming property for a week, starts from 2,500 euro and can reach 11,000 euro, depending on the location of the room and the period of the year chosen. For example, a room on the lower floors overlooking the lake behind the hotel, bought during the winter, will have a lower price, compared to a room on an upper floors, overlooking the sea, bought in the summer season, which will have the maximum price. Depending on the number of rooms purchased, the periods of the year and their location, each owner receives a score set by Interval International, and the points can be used to take holidays in other resorts of the network, according to the preferences of each owner. If the score is lower, you can pay a certain amount representing the price difference, calculated by Interval International. The points left from a cheaper holiday can be used in the next year. Upon each purchase, Blaxy Resort pays a fee to Interval International. The owners can also take advantage of Blaxy holidays and holiday exchanges with other owners in other resorts or they can earn their holidays, using the score they receive as a lifetime owner of the rooms purchased from Blaxy. Meanwhile, Blaxy Resort remains in the tourist circuit and collaborates with the travel agencies they have as partners”, explains Liliana Filip, PR Manager, Blaxy Premium Resort. The most important advantage that the buyers of a periodic property in Blaxy Resort have is that the price here is lower than in the rest of the network, thus offering more advantages. This way, can be in advantage both Romanians from the country and the diaspora, as well as foreign citizens who can enter the international network after the acquisition of a periodic property at Blaxy Premium Resort.

How can someone become an Interval International member?

By purchasing a property in the Blaxy Premium Resort, the owner automatically gets the membership of the Interval International network, so he/she can exchange holidays in exclusive locations abroad, such as Disneyland Paris, Mallorca, Marbella, Turkey a.s.o. The steps to be taken are the following: Choose the desired week; Choose and buy the desired apartment; The owner automatically joins the Interval International network and can travel to nearly 3,000 destinations, in 80 countries; Or he/she may come to Blaxy, for free, in his own holiday property.

Exchange Examples:

* 3 rooms in Blaxy Resort in the 16’th week worths 60,750 points, which the owner can equate to a room in the 33’th week, for 59,375 points, at Marriott’s Imperial Palms Villas, Orlando Florida, or Marriott’s Village D’ile de -France Paris (Disneyland Area). The remaining points are rolled over for the following year.

* 1 room in Blaxy Resort in the 25’th week worths 40,500 points, which the owner can equate to a room in the 37’th week, for 36,000 points, in Alpenland Sporthotel, St. Petersburg. Johnn-Im-Pongau, Austria. The remaining points are rolled over for the following year.

* 1 room in Blaxy Resort in the 35’th week worths 50,625 points, which the owner can change with a 2-room apartment in the 47’th week, for 38,500 points, at Marriott’s Club Son Antem, in Mallorca, Spain. The remaining points are rolled over for the following year.

The benefits of periodic property are many. The exchange requires free accommodation in nearly 3,000 locations in 80 countries; The exchange can take place in any part of the year, regardless of the time it was purchased at Blaxy; If the owner does not use the Blaxy property, he/she can store the points for the following year. This means a double number of points compared to those originally received.


Madeline Gorthon