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Daniel Cormier reinstated as UFC Champ


Jon Jones stripped following B sample failure.

Daniel Cormier has been reinstated as UFC Light Heavyweight Champion. The decision comes following Jon Jones’ B sample test coming back positive just as the A sample did. In response the California State Athletic Commission changed Jones’ third round knock out at UFC 214 to a No Contest. The fight has no result, so the title comes back to Cormier.

The fallout is something of a disaster for both fighters and for UFC. Fans have often treated Daniel Cormier as the guy who gets the belt when Jon Jones screws up. Cormier’s sole mma loss comes from Jones, a loss that should now be suspect due to Jones’ constant cheating. Cormier’s next fight is undecided right now. When it happens, it’ll be interesting to see how the crowd reacts to him now.


For Jon Jones, the test failure means suspension time. He could be suspended anywhere from two to four years. Jones is only 30, so he could still fight again, but the chunks of time removed from his career due to disciplinary action has stacked up. He’s basically forfeited the title of “greatest fighter of all time” that so many sportswriters and fans eagerly bestowed upon him. Also, and this is a killer for UFC, his teased big money against Brock Lesnar (age 40) is now gone due to time restraints. Lesnar won’t be fighting Jon Jones at age 44.

Jon Jones can appeal, and seeing as how badly UFC needs stars right now it wouldn’t be the biggest surprise to see Jones get a light suspension. But it’s another black eye for the sport, and the changed man Jones tried to sell himself as after his vicious knock out of Cormier has been flushed down the drain.

Jack Logan