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5 reasons why the Undertaker should not return


Going back to this year’s Wrestlemania, the greatest fears in the minds of wrestling fans came true, the Undertaker retired. To the dismay of many, it happened at the hands of Roman Reigns.

There is nothing left for Taker to accomplish

Take a look at Taker’s resume and then try to bring up one major accomplishment that is missing. There’s nothing. The only argument is that Taker never won the Intercontinental Championship, thus never becoming a Triple Crown Champion. For a man who’s legacy has been mainly defined by his Wrestlemania streak, combing back for a secondary championship that hasn’t even been on his radar for over a decade isn’t logical.

It damages Roman Reigns’ legacy

When Brock Lesnar broke Taker’s streak at Wrestlemania 30, the victory added more value to his star power. That is when Taker should have hung up his boots. Well he returned and the relevance of the broken streak wore off. Lesnar’s consistent dominance is his saving grace. On the other hand, Reigns doesn’t have that dominance. A Taker return will make Reigns’ victory meaningless, because someone else will officially earn that accolade.


WWE is hanging on to the past

WWE is notorious for relying on past stars for the sake of bringing in top dollar. Their reliance also indicates that they can’t move on. The Undertaker was the last living breath of what was the “New Generation Era” (aka the “Cartoon Era”). There is no reason for WWE to continue stretching out what is really a storyline from the 90s.

Not more can be done if Taker returns

Let’s say that Taker does return and works one more match, likely against Cena. Then what happens? Cena will accomplish what two other stars already did. The argument might be that Taker should retire at Survivor Series, since he debuted at that event. Yes, that’s true, but he’s lost plenty times in that event (12-5; 70.5% win percentage), plus his association is best tied with Mania.

Age has caught up

Everyone has to give up to Father Time, at some point. The Undertaker is not the exception. Based off his performance at the Royal Rumble and at Mania, we know that he is greatly limited in the ring. For the sake of his health, there is no reason for him to work one more match.

Photo credit: WWE WrestleMania

Luis Flores