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Yankees accuse Red Sox of sign stealing


A new side to an old rivalry.

The Yankee Red Sox rivalry, baseball’s oldest and most famous, has entered in the digital age. The Yankee organization has accused the Red Sox of sign stealing, providing video evidence. They claim that the footage, coming from the 18th of August through the 20th game, shows Red Sox training staff member watching the game on his Apple watch and then texting the players what signs he picked up. The Red Sox countered by saying the Yankees do the same thing with their cameras, which Yankee’s manager Joe Girardi denied.

Sign stealing is allowed in games to a degree, players being allowed to try and figure out a catcher’s signs and share what they know. Using outside staff members or electronic devices are not allowed, however it falls in the category “it’s not cheating until you get caught”, that is common throughout sports. If found guilty, and any penalty the Red Sox might incur would be minor.


Instead, the whole incident might lead to gains for both teams. The fire of rivalry can always use more gas to sustain it. However, with the regular season nearing its close, the two teams are done with their planned games for this year. They only might meet again in post season play. Barring that, we’ll have to wait for next year to see if the incident spurs any extra heat either on the field or the box office.

Jack Logan