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Red Sox’ Pedroia sees no problem with Apple Watch sign stealing cheat


Locked in a pennant race with the season winding down, the rivalry between the Boston red Sox and the New Yankees has been intensified by the claim that the Red Sox made use of Apple watches to steal signs. However, Sox vet Dustin Pedroia insists it’s all a big fuss over nothing.

New York Yankees fans are up in arms about the fact that the MLB have backed their teams claim that their arch rival Boston Red Sox made use of Apple Watches to steal signs during a recent series clash between the division leaders. However, Red Sox vet Dustin Pedroia does not see why it should all be such a big deal.

One day after MLB commissioner Rob Manfred confirmed that the league has launched an investigation into the situation, both Pedroia and Red Sox manager John Farrell remained light-hearted about the ‘cheating scandal’.


Speaking to AP, Pedroia said “It’s part of the game. Our adjustment to that stuff is: Go out to the mound and change the signs.It’s been around a long, long time. We were doing that at Douglass Junior High School [in Woodland, California], where I played. So, I don’t think this should be news to everybody.”

For his part, during an early morning press conference, Farrell instinctively looked down at hs wristwatch and then, sensing the chance for a laugh, told reporters “It’s not an Apple Watch”.

Technically, Pedroia is right, sign stealing is nothing new. And, in it’s most basic form, even though it is very much frowned upon it is not illegal. However, the supposed use of the Apple Watches says Manfred, is, and it is for that the team may be penalized.

Melanie Evans