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Miz in Top 10 of 2017 PWI 500


Pro Wrestling Illustrated just released its annual top 500 wrestlers of the year list. Eight WWE stars made it onto the top 10, one of those notable stars being the Miz.

Let’s make one thing clear. The Miz is one of the greatest talents that WWE has signed. We know that Miz isn’t the most technically gifted wrestler on the roster, but there’s more that was taken into consideration.

Why the Miz deserves the recognition

In every Miz feud, you can notice that what the fans want the most is to see him lose. It’s even better when his opponents are those that fans hold close to their hearts (ex: Ambrose). By beating his opponents, Miz goes on to proclaim himself as the better of the two.


Miz is consistent in keeping his heel character fresh. Being a one-dimensional character (face or heel) isn’t easy anymore. You can be a heel that gets a face reaction or vice-versa. He went from being a smug MTV star, the “Chick Magnet”, the “Awesome One”, and now the “A-Lister”. At every point of his career, he gave fans more reasons to dislike him. When Miz finished his acting venture, he came back as the “greatest” Hollywood actor, to the dismay of the fans. If anything, he’s a better Hollywood heel than the Rock.

When Miz applied Ric Flair’s figure-four leg lock, Daniel Bryan’s “Yes! Kicks” (dubbed “It Kicks) and running high knee into his arsenal, it added more heat. The best part is that he does them relatively well.

Having the likes of Alex Riley and the “Miztourage” (Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas) by Miz’s side to help him win matches further increased his value as a heel. Look at Miz’s countless championship victories. Mostly his Money in the Bank cash-in on Randy Orton (for the WWE Championship), successful title defenses; especially over John Cena at Wrestlemania 27.

In short, Miz is an excellent heel; and the proof is in his evolving character, mic skills, and in-ring psychology. His spot in the top ten of the 2017 PWI 500 list is well deserved.

Photo credit: The Miz‏

Luis Flores