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USC practices and functions will not have O.J.’s presence


O.J. Simpson is not welcome to any USC practices or functions according to the college’s coach.

One man can be known for being a lot of things. He can be known as a Heisman trophy winner, a convicted felon, one of the best running backs in USC history, an accused murderer, an NFL Pro Bowler, an armed robber, and a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Far ends of the spectrum, almost to extremes. Would you disagree?

Great one man is O.J. Simpson, and he will be making parole as early as October 1st after serving a nine year prison sentence for an armed robbery of his own memorabilia with a shotgun in a Las Vegas hotel. USC’s head football coach responded to a question from the media by plainly stating the former standout of the program would not be invited to any practices or school functions. However, O.J. Simpson will receive an invitation to the Pro Football Hall of Fame event this year like everyone else in the prestigious group.


O.J. Simpson was acquitted for the murders of his wife Nicole and Ron Goldman after an infamous police chase in a white Ford Bronco. His trial was broadcasted on television and watched by millions of people, garnering a lot of attention to Simpson and his lawyer Johnny Cochran, whom is now deceased. After being acquitted on criminal charges, O.J. was found guilty in a civil lawsuit on behalf of both families, costing the retired running back more than money as he was forced to sell memorabilia from his days of playing football.

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