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What’s Sanchez to do?


Looking at the Chilean attacker wanting a move from the Emirates stadium.

I mean this player has been nothing short of spectacular since moving to Arsenal from Barcelona in 2014, and since then he has become one of the best players in the world and certainly amongst the best in the Premier League. Last season was the first full season under Arsene Wenger where the Gunners finished outside the Champions League qualification places, and unfortunately for Sanchez, he was part of that. He did aid in the clubs terrific Cup Final victory over Chelsea but he is to blame for the poor position than anybody else.


His on field antics sometimes looked passionate to some fans. Fans who like to copy their heroes when, if you feel you could possibly be thankful for a 3-3 draw away at Bournemouth, you instead react the same way as the attacking midfielder and throw a tantrum on the pitch. When William Gallas did that away at Birmingham some time ago, I’m sure those same fans said it was petty and foolish, but not to Alexis Sanchez. Admittedly, Arsenal should never have drawn away at the Vitality that evening, but from 3-0 down, fans would’ve loved a point.

Then talk about his wages begun. Either pay me £300k plus per week or I’m off. Actually, make it £330k. Scrap that…£400k a week. Hold on! I want Champions League football! Which is it? All of these have become public. He said before the Confederations Cup final he’d tell us on the 3rd July what his decision will be. Fair play to the South American, his pulled a beautiful Arsene Wenger tactic fresh out of the Frenchman’s playbook where he hasn’t actually told us anything. Sometimes, silence is deafening. He has gone on his extended break whilst Arsenal have travelled to Sydney and Shanghai expanding their brand and he is basic deciding which club should he join, for free, next season.

Now, this is where my honest and open opinion comes into play…SELL HIM! Yes, sell him to the highest bidder, regardless of club or league. Arsenal fans all say ‘remember Nasri and Van Persie leaving and winning the league’ and so on, and yes, that is what they did. But I feel this time, things may be a little different. Firstly, the league is a whole lot different. Competitiveness has gone up around about 300%. I make it that figure as you now have a top 7, not a top 4, that’s if Everton are genuine contenders. Along with that, I feel maybe, unless Alexis Sanchez is a freak of nature, all this time playing may well catch up with him.

It’s now common knowledge that he basically doesn’t have a day off and is doing press ups whilst Arsene Wenger takes the training session and tell the squad the next drill. Let’s go back to the summer of 2014 when he joined Arsenal. Without making myself or you confused, he has played a World Cup in Brazil, then a full Premier League season, a Copa America, full season, another Copa America, another full season (including pointless FA Cup fixtures against Sutton United away and Lincoln City at home when he should be rested) and then a Confederation Cup. He will then have ANOTHER full Premier League season and then maybe another World Cup, before ANOTHER Premier League season and then another Copa America in Brazil before…well, you all know.

He is 28 and has played basically every fixture Arsenal and Chile have had since 2014. That isn’t healthy for your body, especially when his teammates all publicly say that he doesn’t have a day off. I would hate to seem him leave the Premier League and Arsenal for that matter, but no club should be held to ransom by any player regardless of quality. Cashing in, in my opinion, is the right thing to do personally. A lot of fans, especially on social media say otherwise, but reinvesting that money could be the best option. Granted, we all know what we get with Sanchez, but with £50 million potentially in the transfer fund and players like Alex Oxlade Chamberlain being held back from playing higher up the pitch, potentially, again, the risk of losing him could end up being greater than the reality of losing Alexis Sanchez. Hopefully, this will all be resolved sooner rather than later.


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