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Opinion: Why Mayweather beat McGregor


Thanks to a 10th round TKO, Floyd Mayweather remains undefeated (50-0).

Easily, Floyd Mayweather is the man that everyone loves to hate in the world of boxing. One of those reasons is because he is still undefeated (50-0). Think about him as the Tom Brady of boxing. He’s so good that you’ve reached the point in which you want to see him lose.

Mayweather’s defense is his best offense

Calling Mayweather a coward for not going toe-to-toe against his opponents is easy. As a fighter, he found a style that best suits him. Juan Manuel Márquez, for example, is a counter-puncher. You’d him see unleash a punch once his opponent takes a shot; leaving open space to attack.


Mayweather is a defensive fighter. When he knows that taking on someone head-on is a risk, he doesn’t do it. He landed a few punches to draw out Conor. From then, you saw Mayweather consistently defended himself and only attack when he was more effective, which led to the 10th round TKO.

Conor was limited

If these two were to duel it out on Conor’s turf, then the guaranteed victor would be Conor. In this case, he would have a full body arsenal at his disposal. Since this is boxing, submissions are out of the question and his legs limit him to only moving. The argument to this is that Conor has been working on his speed. That’s good and all; but Conor is more explosive than he is steady paced. As a MMA fighter, Conor is used to short matches. This match lasted for over 25 minutes. So, it wasn’t a surprise that he was worn out by the 7th and 8th rounds. His attempt at ending it early cost him the match.

Thank you, Mayweather!

Most likely this is the end of Floyd “Money” Mayweather’s in-ring career. There is no better way to retire other remaining undefeated.

Credit photo: Show Time Boxing

Luis Flores