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Fight of the year? Conor Mcgreggor fights Floyd Mayweather


Conor Mcgregor vs Floyd Mayweather

The fight of the year is here and IT IS happening. Boxing and UFC fans allover the world have been waiting for this since a long long time.

It is finally 26th august and we can tune in to watch these two beasts go head to head in a boxing match. The fight will take place in T-Mobile Arena,Nevada,USA.


This saturday Conor Mcgregor fights Floyd Mayweather Jr,Floyd with his record of 49-0 boxing matches going to head to head with the UFC superman Mcgregor with his young ripe age of just 29 years old while Floyd at 40 years.

At the weigh in McGregor was first on the scales on Friday at the T-Mobile Arena and weighed in at 153lbs, one pound below the division limit. Mayweather tipped the scales at 149.5lbs.

McGregor taunted and screamed in his opponent’s face before turning to the crowd and pounding his chest while Mayweather calmly chewed his gum looking uninterested.

The Irish lad is in high confidence just like always and on the other hand floyd seems to be focussing on the fight. According to some reports the fight purse will be worth minimum for each fighter up to $100 Million for Floyd Mayweather and $30 Million for Conor Mcgregor.

Comment who you think will win this one!