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Formula 1 coming back this weekend


After a month waits the Grand prix comes back to the fans.

The formula 1 Grand Prix is coming back this weekend after a whole month to Belgium. The last Grand Prix was won by the current leader of the championship Sebastian Vettel with 202 points ahead of Lewis Hamilton with 188 points. On third place Valtteri Bottas with 169 points who has driven brilliantly this racing season and has given Mercedes a good 39 points in the lead in the constructors championship with 357 points.

The 14 point lead of Sebastian Vettel could be costly to Lewis Hamilton who was in soaring hopes to win the Hungarian Grand prix after winning it in Britain, but Ferrari improved drastically in one weeks time and gave Mercedes a sure surprise. Both Ferrari and Mercedes will be trying to out do each other and that is when the races becoming interesting, in a race where even a millisecond can make it a difference of winning or loosing.


After this long break will we see Ferrari outshining Mercedes again or will Lewis Hamilton catch up with Sebastian Vettel.

Kimi Raikonen has been driving quite amazingly as well and with his track record of winning the grand prix here 4 times he could be the surprise win, equaling Senna’s record of 5 grand Prix wins.