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Chaotic Summer Slam main event becomes an instant classic


WWE always likes to put an emphasis on the importance of SummerSlam main events that led to title changes or retentions. Not every main event is memorable; but tonight was one of the exceptions.

Whether if you like them or not; Brock Lesnar, Samoa Joe, Braun Strowman, and Roman Reigns pulled off one hell of a fatal four-way match. The truth of the matter is that big men aren’t excepted to have grace of a cruiserweight to keep the fans entertained.

One of the focal points heading into SummerSlam was if Lesnar failed to retain the WWE Universal Championship, he will have to leave the company. Once Lesnar was apparently written out of the equation mid-match, a title change seemed likely. To properly protect the beast in a championship loss, it would require him to not be the one to take the fall. Hence why many thought that he was done.


Everyone lit up the crowd

The guy that everyone loves to hate got plenty of love from the fans. Yes, Roman Reigns did have the standard will to win like the typical face; but the fans ignored that. With so many factors in the match, you couldn’t help it but to cheer for him. It happened more when he tried to take down Strowman. The best part about his performance was that he didn’t have to be a one-dimensional character to get fan support.

Strowman dug deep inside to do moves that a big guy wouldn’t do. The fans got behind him for that; especially after the running power slams on Lesnar. It’s not often that anyone makes the Beast look like a regular human being. The few people that manage that do get the support from fans.

Samoa Joe was the least involved in the match, by a slight bit. Regardless, he was key to making this match a success. His main target was Lesnar, which made sense, due to their last encounter. In essence, Joe was the dark horse in this match. Whenever he mounted some offense, it made an impact (no pun intended). The only man that even posed a physical and brutal threat to Lesnar was Joe. He made it clear every time he applied his submission. Had Strowman or Reigns not been in the ring during the submissions, Joe would be champion right now.

It came down to everyone using their full arsenal and trying to score a pinfall or submission. It proved costly for Joe and Strowman, as they left Lesnar to finish off Reigns. With one F5, Lesnar left the Barclays Center as champion.

Luis Flores