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Opinion – Turmoil in Cleveland: Kyrie Irving on the fence with Lebron


The offseason continues. The Rockets now have the likes of Chris Paul, James Harden, and Nene. The Oklahoma City Thunder made noise with the acquisition of Paul George. The Minnesota Timberwolves became relevant as they brought in Jimmy Butler. Cleveland on the other hand is singing a different tune: Confusion and Drama.

Lebron vs Kyrie? Was this brewing all season long? Let’s start with what’s transpired recently. Earlier this offseason, the Cavaliers parted ways with David Griffin after 3 straight trips to the finals. It’s worth noting, he was someone whom Lebron has had a great relationship with and one of the reasons he’s remained in Cleveland. As we’ve seen throughout his career, Lebron has a considerable ‘say’ in the front office.

David Griffin’s dismissal has fueled what many speculate will lead Lebron to once again part ways with the Dan Gilbert and the Cavs. They’ve had a strained relationship throughout the years and it wouldn’t come as a surprise. As with everything Lebron James related, this rumor started picking up steam and has had Kyrie Irving paying close attention.


As the media continues to question Lebron’s tenure in Cleveland, multiple sources have Kyrie asking the same question. Will Lebron stay or go? Recently during a trip to Los Angeles, Irving weighed in, “I understand we’re in a very peculiar place”.  He could’ve been referring to the Cavs hardly making any moves or Lebron’s possible exit.

One thing’s for sure, Kyrie is NOT on the same page with The King. It wasn’t long before reports surfaced with Irving requesting a trade and that he is unhappy. Irving is said to wanting to be the focal point of an offense and prove himself as a leader without James. Of course, this was only the beginning of many more reports of the all-star duo pitted against each other.

Irving’s team has accused Lebron James camp of making Kyrie’s request public. The King has denied all reports. More recently, Steph Curry appeared to be mocking James’ gym workouts and dance moves with Kyrie cheering on. Is this Kobe and Shaq part deux? Cleveland’s path to the finals continues to be clear as day, why leave? Kyrie was the focal point of Cleveland’s offense before James arrival and they were a sub .500 club. Now with Derrick Rose signing a 1-year deal, many believe a trade is inevitable. However, Irving’s current contract keeps him in a Cav’s uniform for the next 2 years. As with all decisions, only time will tell.

David Chacon