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How to ace tryouts


Tryouts are coming up soon, make sure you ace them!

School will soon be back in session which means tryouts for various different sports will be coming up as well. Fall sports often include football, volleyball, field hockey, soccer and cheerleading. If you are looking to make one of those teams you must be fit and on point. There are many different details that coaches are looking for when it comes to being on a sports team. If you are looking to try out for a sports team this fall, take a look at these five tips to help you along the way.

Know the requirements – In order to make the team you have to know what you what the sport is all about. For example, if you are trying out for volleyball make sure your serves and spikes are on point. If you are trying out for football, try to get an idea of what the coach is looking for.


Have a positive attitude – This may not sound very relevant but it is. In order to play a team sport you have to be a team player. No one wants to be on a team with a negative Nancy. Smile and be willing to help other around you. The coaches will notice things like that.

Come prepared – Before you try out for a sport know what they are going to want you to do at tryouts. For example, if you are trying out for cheerleading make sure your jumps are on point, you can tumble effortlessly and you are very flexible. If you are trying out for football, make sure you know how to tackle. If you are trying out for soccer, make sure that you are used to running a long distance. Practice as much as you possibly can.

Be confident – Believe in yourself. Show that you have a belief that you can do it all. At the same time you don’t want to be cocky either. Even if you aren’t the most athletic person sometimes you can make the team just because you have good spirit.

Give it your all – Try the best you absolutely can. Don’t look at what anyone else is doing, just do your best. Remember that being the best is a matter of opinion and what you want to do is be your best. Also if you don’t make the team don’t be devastated, maybe it’s meant for you to play some other sport or join a club.

Krystal Goethe