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How to make someone like you in the first five minutes of meeting them

Meeting new people can be nerve wracking, even for the most confident of us.

The Independent created a list of tips on how to make yourself more emotionally intelligent and more likeable when meeting other people.

1. Ask open-ended questions


You should ask at least two of these questions. If you’re asking yes or no questions, the other person will have to make an effort to say something more interesting than a “yes” or “no”. The conversation will flow better when asking open-ended questions, as it will give you room for a follow up question.

2. Repeat their name

It shows that you actually listened to them. Furthermore, it will help you if you meet them again in the future. While leaving them, you should keep some bits and pieces from the conversation in your memory, as this will also come in handy in the future.

3. Offer a compliment

Compliments show you are observant and paying attention to the other person. If you worry your compliment might seem flirty, you should hold off. Although some people are reluctant when they are flattered, the acts will prove that you have emotional intelligence.

Daisy Wilder