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Do you know what attachment type you have in a relationship?

People have different expectations when it comes to relationships – some want attention, some want space.

From the perspective of the level of attachment, there are three different types of people – anxious, secure and avoidant – according to Dating & Relationship Psychologist Madeleine Mason of PassionSmiths.

The anxious type – it includes people who have no problem with intimacy or commitment, but constantly fear the possibility of being abandoned. They feel paranoid that their partner doesn’t love them enough and will leave them.


The secure type – it encompasses most of us. Secure people are fine with intimacy, closeness and being vulnerable. They are happy to receive love and are quite confident that their partner won’t leave them anytime soon.

The avoidant type – these people feel uncomfortable with intimacy, don’t like showing vulnerability and fear commitment. They don’t really have any worries about the other person being around, as the Independent reports.

The theory is that each type stems from each person’s childhood and relationship with parents. For instance, most anxious people had unpredictable parents who were sometimes around, but sometimes not, while most avoidant people had absent or unreliable parents.

Daisy Wilder