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Declawing may lead to chronic pain and aggression in cats

A recent study concluded that declawing cats can often lead to the animals experiencing long-term pain and having unwanted behaviors. 

Scientists observed 274 cats, out of which half had undergone declawing. The declawed cats were found to manifest aggression, biting, overgrooming and ”inappropriate toileting” from three up to seven times more than cats that still had their claws.

It seems that many people think that declawing is some kind of nail clipping, but in fact, you amputate each toe at the first knuckle, taking off bone along with tendons and the claw.


While in Israel, declawing a cat might lead to a prison sentence and a $20,000 fine, in the United States, 25% of cats are declawed and 55% of cat owners approve of the surgery.

Lydia Peirce