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Writing in the Sky: July 16-July 22, 2017


Keep reading for the planetary energies affecting the population this week and my explanations on how to overcome the low vibrations to successfully weather through the storm in this week’s astrological forecast.

We conclude the last week of Cancer season with one last go-around on the roller coaster. All the emotions that we have felt since the last New moon is preparing us for the transformative changes of the fiery Leo season. So this week’s starring line up of planets are Pluto, of transformation, and Uranus, of change.

These energies can manifest in the workplace. You have probably seen this in your life, wondering why so many people are quitting, being fired or having conflicts with people in higher power roles. The aspects this week can also cause misunderstandings, arguments and even separations in our personal relationships. Needless to say, this week will appear difficult at first glance.

The good news is that this forecast will prepare you for the storm to come and you’ll at least be prepared with an umbrella while everyone around you tries their best to dart between the raindrops.

Venus Inconjunct Pluto (Gemini/Capricorn): Venus in Gemini can get quite distracted by options. We want to experience everything and, since Gemini is one of the most indecisive signs, we do not want to choose one thing over another. If you’re single, this transit tends to be expressed through casual friendships and hook-ups as opposed to deeper intimacy. It may not be the best time to start a new relationship but use this energy to meet several prospects and when Venus passes out of Gemini, you can choose to make deeper commitments with someone you established a connection with. However, we need to beware of trying to go after everything because the hard aspect Venus makes to Pluto can leave us with nothing at all. Communicate openly and honestly to avoid problems in the future.

Pluto can cause us to project our shadow (insecurities, fears, deceit, etc) onto our partners. This aspect may cause people to manipulate or pressure their partners. These power struggles can disrupt intimacy and the social Venus in Gemini does not look for intimacy either, choosing quantity over quality. If you want something deeper from a partner, just be aware of this energy and construct it into something you can benefit from. You can try taking your partner out in a group setting to relieve the pressure of intimacy while still strengthening your bond.

What is important to understand during this transit this week is that friends or even acquaintances may try to step over established boundaries. This can get awkward but this transit is really challenging your love of self. Loving your self means standing up for what you want and saying “No!” with confidence. People will either try to abuse their power over you or you may be abusing power in a social interaction. In either scenario, this transit asks you to reflect on the self to break any cycles. These power struggles do not come from outside of us, rather, they mirror the fear of power that we have within us.

Mercury Inconjunct Pluto (Leo/Capricorn): This week brings us a double dose of Pluto in hard aspects. This aspect is a lot like the Venus inconjunct Pluto aspect above in regards to power struggles and boundaries. This aspect, however, also adds deep contemplatiom about goals, desires, resentments and fears. As you reflect on these, old situations can bubble to the surface to finally be dealt with after you have unconsciously hid them for so long. Only by facing those inner demons can true transformative work take place. It is not an easy task so be aware of whether you end up victimizing yourself while making others the villain. The projection of these fears really rob you of power, the central theme of this and the previous aspect.

Sun Square Uranus (Cancer/Aries): This is an aspect for the rebels. And if you do not consider yourself a rebel, this transit can change that temporarily. You may seek more attention than usual, try reinventing the wheel or seek liberation in areas of your life, whether it’s work, relationships or belief systems. Uranus is a planet of revolution and freedom but Aries makes the energy restless, not always stopping to think. This can lead to accidents, technical problems, conflicts and once again, separations.

This transit is a test of patience. Depending on your attitude, you can have the most fun during this transit or be discouraged and frustrated at the chaos. But I will let you know now, that this transit intends to stop your plans in its tracks. It is not a good time to be overally anal about routines and plans. To use this aspect’s energy constructively, remain open-minded to new approaches and techniques. Maybe the computer shut down before you could save your work so that you can start over with a new, better approach. You can not control anything outside of you during this transit so you might as well control your perspective and make it one that serves you in the best way.

Day by Day:

This is a new section I’m adding to the weekly astrological forecast where I will break down the energies of each day. Feel free to take a screenshot or visit this page daily so you can be prepared before heading out the door each morning.

Sunday, July 16: Mercury inconjunct Pluto causes power and boundary issues in communication today. Say what you mean and stand tall in your inner power.

Monday, July 17: There is a higher chance of accidents, technical difficulties, and sudden changes. There may be misunderstandings and confusion in relationships. Be receptive to change and express yourself clearly and honestly.

Tuesday, July 18: Venus trines Jupiter today so we indulge in ourselves more and enjoy wider social interactions.

Wednesday, July 19: The pleasantries continue from Tuesday but today, you are successfully productive. It is easy for you to stay organized, pay attential to details and strategize for future plans and goals.

Thursday, July 20: Mars enters Leo today so enjoy a more playful and creative period. Beware of an easily bruised ego and how you react, however. Today is also prone to accidents, mishaps, technical problems, arguments and separations. Also be aware of boundary and power conflicts. Mars in Leo can help you find creative alternatives to accidents and the confidence to enforce your boundaries.

Friday, July 21: There is an unstable chaos that is best dealt with being adaptable. Relationships can still be on the rocks, it is best to stay silent until the storm passes.

Saturday, July 22: Saturday is a good day for shadow work and meditation, so use the reflective, transformative energies of Pluto today to dig deep into your subconscious, realizing your ambitions, passions, fears and inner power.

Crystal Healing for this Forecast:


Aquamarine is a beautiful, bluish-green crystal associated with Uranus. The combination of blue, associated with the throat chakra, and green, associated with the heart chakra, makes this crystal excellent for expressing yourself truly but from a place of love, not anger. This is a useful quality for the boundary and power struggles this week. This stone is used often in matters of conflict. Aquamarine also helps bring emotional patterns to the surface that need to be confronted. This will aid the Pluto aspects regarding self reflection and transformation. Venus and Mercury are inconjunct Pluto this week which can cause people to be abused by those in power or abusing their power. Aquamarine identifies the ego in these aspects to avoid overreacting to problems, victimizing or making oneself a martyr, and manipulation. Last but not least, Aquamarine helps one adjust to change and overcome fear of the unknown, useful for the hard Uranus aspects this week.

To make the most of this crystal healing, meditate with the crystal in the morning to set your vibration for the day and/or carry with you all day in a pocket or necklace.

Shay Elcock

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