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5 low priced activities for the summer


Is money tight? If so, here are some low priced activities for the summer.

Its summer and everyone is looking to have a good time. Many will be traveling to new and different destinations, but unfortunately not everyone will have the funds to travel very far. So with that being said, here are five low priced activities you and your friends/family can do for the summer.

Go on a photo adventure-This is a very simple (and free) activity you can do. Take your camera (or phone) and go to a fascinating part of town and snap a few pictures. It could be of downtown, the art gallery at your local college or the nearest park. You could then print those pictures out and place them in your photo album.

Go to the public pool-This is great for those really hot summer days. Throw on your swimsuit and head to the public pool. Going to the public pool normally costs $10 or less so it doesn’t break the bank at all. Not only is swimming fun it’s great exercise as well.

Go on a hike-If you live in a city/town that has a big park this is ideal. Put on some comfortable shoes, bring a water bottle and go on a big adventurous hike. Hikes are great because you get to soak in the nature around you.

Ride your bike-If you have one, pull your bike out and go for a ride. Riding a bike is both lots of fun and free. If possible, you can get your family together and ride your bikes together. It makes for a great family activity.

Explore something in your city you have never been to-It can be a movie theater, a museum, or a hidden gem restaurant. No matter what it is, this is a very exciting and venturesome thing to do. Go online and look up things to do in your city and you are bound to find something.

Krystal Goethe

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