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Writing in the Sky: July 2-July 8, 2017


Keep reading for the planetary energies affecting the population this week and I also explain how to overcome the low vibrations to successfully weather through another astrological forecast, in this week’s Writing in the Sky.

This week, our beliefs will be challenged. We will hold ourselves in high regard for our philosophies and want everyone we associate with to have the same stance as us. The planetary aspects this week will be a test of our balance and if we fall into the trap of the lower vibrations of these energies, our egos will be humbled through hard lessons.


At the end, I include my suggestion for which crystal can help heal the energies of this week. As always, the crystal is not necessary to learning these lessons, they are just tools. You have the power within you to overcome anything the world throws at you through consciousness. Being conscious of your actions and reactions is your most valuable resource.


Sun Square Jupiter (Cancer/Libra):


Self-confidence can inflate during this time but there is a fine line between confidence and arrogance, so make sure to maintain balance and moderation in your relationships and ambitions. This does not mean not to chase your ambitions, but add some practicality to this transit. The Sun is in Cancer, a water sign, and Jupiter is in Libra, an air sign. These elements, water and air, are the least “stable” of all the elements and it can be easy to let the heart rule or the mind rule. Libra is a sign of balance so finding the balance between logic and emotions will help you benefit the most from this transit. Be confident while also remaining humble. The bird that eats worms today can be eaten by ants tomorrow.


Mars Inconjunct Saturn (Cancer/Sagittarius):


Mars in Cancer adds an emotional energy to everything we do. An unfavorable Saturn aspect, as is the case here, will add obstacles, challenges and lessons during this transit. When things do not end up working out how we want or envision, the Mars in Cancer energy can make us attached to our ideas and make it hard to be flexible. In this transit we need to remember that we can only control our perception and actions. Everything outside of us is susceptible to change and our success can only be determined by how fluid we are with the changes we can not control. Saturn is seen as a malevolent entity that only restricts and causes problems, but in reality, these obstacles can be looked at as a learning opportunity and when we understand the lesson, Saturn will bless you greatly.


Saturn in Sagittarius is going to be a complicated aspect for another reason as well. Saturn is a planet of traditions and Sagittarius is a sign of expansion and broadening horizons. You will find that during this transit, you may be annoyed that people are seeing things through a lens of “how it has been done for years” when you are trying to open their mind to a revolutionary way of thinking. Or vice versa, people are trying to impose their new views on you when you have an established way of doing something. In both cases, do not give in to the Mars in Cancer energy by yelling at them, strong-arming them or making threats. Remember that everyone will have their own way of doing something and nothing you do will MAKE someone change, they have to want that change on their own. Of course you can plant a seed in their mind with logic and compassion, but persistently trying to change someone will only make them resist. This is the aspect of accepting things that you cannot change.


Crystal Healing for this Forecast:


ZIRCON: I chose zircon this week, or rather it chose me, because it is a great stone for grounding as well as balance. In the Sun square Jupiter aspect, you will need a lot of grounding to keep your feet on the ground while your head is in the clouds. It is a crystal of physical, emotional and spiritual balance that will help you love yourself and others. This is a vital quality for the Mars inconjunct Saturn aspect, because this crystal will help your way of thinking become more pure and in accordance with the heart and compassion. The crystal is also said to help manifest abundance and prosperity, which can help counter the Saturn affects of obstacles and challenges this week.


To make the most of this crystal healing, meditate with the crystal in the morning to set your vibration for the day and/or carry with you all day in a pocket or necklace.


Shay Elcock

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